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    The Spare Air Refill Adaptor allows easy refilling of your Spare Air redundant system from your own scuba diving cylinder, one of the best features of Spare Air. 

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    The Spare Air Pressure Gauge Indicator provides a simple visual indication of the pressure in your Spare Air cylinder, avoiding the need for unnecessary refills. The gauge uses a colour guide and pressure indicator in PSI up to a maximum of 3000 PSI (200 bar).

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    The Spare Air Universal Refill Adaptor provides the option of filling the Spare Air directly from a high pressure port of a regulator rather than using the cylinder valve adaptor.

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    This Spare Air Holster is a fully enclosed protective holder for the Spare Air 300, allowing the unit to securely fitted to attachment points on a BCD. The holster includes a mouthpiece cover that is secured back to the main holster to prevent accidental loss. The holster is made from a hard wearing material to offer abrasion protection to the Spare Air...

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    The Spare Air Safety Leash prevents accidental loss and allows for quick retrieval if you drop your Spare Air. Quickly attaches or detaches for added safety, the safety leash features a toggle lanyard at one end, a strong coiled coated cable and a clip at the other end.

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    The Spare Air Bag is a dedicated storage bag designed to accommodate your Spare Air and Accessories. The bag is made from a durable nylon material with a drawstring closure.

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