No Limit.

This is our mantra.

It guides us day-in day-out as we design and build professional grade dive gear for those pushing beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible. From professional sport diving products to cutting edge rebreather technology...

No Limit.

This is our mantra.

It guides us day-in day-out as we design and build professional grade dive gear for those pushing beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible. From professional sport diving products to cutting edge rebreather technology and technical diving; our rugged and purpose built gear is relied on by leading divers the world over.

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  • £ 1,099.00 In Stock

    TO HAVE FURTHER AMENDMENTS MADE TO THIS SUIT, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE ON 01404 891819.The Hollis DX-300x was designed by technical divers, for technical divers. It is manoeuvrable and comfortable whilst ensuring long lasting with wear. Specifically designed with Cordura material for the rugged and strong look and feel.

    £ 1,099.00
  • £ 499.00 In Stock

    The 200LX DCX Regulator is the latest premium addition to the Hollis LX Series - specifically designed for extreme environments. The 200LX can be configured for right-handed or left-handed hose configuration, in a matter of minutes without the use of specialty tools. The valve and every other metal component of the 200LX is “PVD” Industrial Plated, added...

    £ 499.00
  • £ 489.00 In Stock

    Improving on the popular C60, the Hollis C60 LX Dual bladder wing is better in so many ways including a new material, retraction system, streamlining and optimised component positioning.

    £ 489.00
  • £ 329.00 In Stock

    Improving on the popular C60, the C60 LX is better in so many ways; new materials have been blended together for a more modern look and extreme comfort.

    £ 329.00
  • £ 259.00 In Stock

    The C45 LX 20kg 360 degree wing has been designed with a new tougher outer material for increase in durability. Also built with a retraction system, improved streamlining, and better cosmetics to achieve a highly optimised wing.

    £ 259.00
  • £ 245.00 In Stock

    Hollis “SMS” sidemount systems have been designed not just with cave divers in mind, but any sidemount diver. The Hollis SMS 50 Sport is no exception. Built for sidemount only, this kit can be used in any environment from open water to overhead.Includes an adjustable, one size fits most harness based on a minimalist design; ideal for travelling sidemount...

    £ 245.00
  • £ 189.00 In Stock

    An additional regulator being added to the Hollis Regulator line is the 150LX, similar in design to the 200LX but without the PVD Plating. The 150LX delivers great performance at a moderate price

    £ 189.00
  • £ 149.00 In Stock

    The Hollis 100LX Octopus has the performance of the 150LX, but has slight cosmetic differences for a great value regulator. All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex® hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual colour tabs.

    £ 149.00
  • £ 139.00 In Stock

    Hollis have extended the iconic F1 Fin by adding the F1 LT Fin to the collection. This Fin is perfect for travelling as it is designed with a short blade for easier finning in confined spaces and more buoyant than our original F1. The F1 LT materials are much lighter than the original F1, which helps with transportation.

    £ 139.00
  • £ 96.00 Product available with different options

    The new cold water Hollis SD 7.1 Semi-Dry Suit has been cleverly designed to avoid surface wear and tear in high risk areas. Zips are more lightweight and flexible due to a new generation T-Zip design. The sleek build of glue and double blind stitching on the inside and outside of the suit creates a sense of black illusion. You'll look great, and feel...

    £ 96.00
  • £ 79.00 In Stock

    The Hollis AUG 450 Top uses two layers of fleece material for excellent thermal performance without the weight and bulk of other thicker undersuits. The perfect undersuit for the Hollis DX-300X Drysuit in cold water conditions.

    £ 79.00
  • £ 36.00 In Stock

    The Hollis Gear Gulper is a strong plastic storage box with interlocking lid. The box is stackable for convenient storage of multiple boxes in a small area. There are no drainage holes making it ideal for transporting wet kit home from a dive. The Gear Gulper measures approximately 71cm long x 46cm wide x 36cm high with a capacity of 80L.

    £ 36.00
  • £ 19.99 In Stock

    Replacement Neck Seals available in Small or Standard sizing.

    £ 19.99
  • £ 19.67 In Stock

    The Hollis LED Mini 3 Torch is super compact allowing even the most space conscious diver the opportunity to carry a backup dive torch.

    £ 19.67
  • £ 18.00 In Stock

    A pair of Hollis Elite 2 Harness Shoulder Straps for a replacing damaged shoulder straps.

    £ 18.00
  • £ 15.00 In Stock

    Wrist Seals for Drysuits; available in Small or Standard sizing.

    £ 15.00
  • £ 12.00 In Stock

    Hollis Book Screws are an Accessory to your Buoyancy Compensator - typcailly used with the Hollis Explorer/Wings/Harness Systems.

    £ 12.00
  • £ 10.00 In Stock

    The Hollis M3 Mask GoPro Mount will fit onto the Hollis M3 Mask so you can attach your GoPro and film your dive hands-free. This is the ideal gift for an underwater buff who loves to experience their dives out of the water and share with family and friends.

    £ 10.00