This department is full of all the Accessories needed to make your diving life easier and more special. We have a range of brands who cover all areas of diving.

Use the Oceanic Underwater Slates and Hollis Notebooks to document your dives. The Oceanic Colour Kits to brighten up...
This department is full of all the Accessories needed to make your diving life easier and more special. We have a range of brands who cover all areas of diving.

Use the Oceanic Underwater Slates and Hollis Notebooks to document your dives. The Oceanic Colour Kits to brighten up your Fins. Hollis Buttplates and Hollis Weight Systems to enhance your Sidemount Gear. 
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  • £ 129.00 In Stock

    The OMS Comfort Harness utilises the same padded shoulder strap configuration found on the OMS IQ Backpack. It can be installed on any standard backplate as an accessory, and we highly recommend to pair with the OMS Stainless Steel or Aluminium Backplate.

    £ 129.00
  • £ 125.00 In Stock

    The Smartstream Harness has been developed to aid configuartion challanges which may arise when doning a heavy rig. The Harness features 11ft (3.5m) of 2" (5cm) nylon webbing and six 316 Stainles Steel D-Ring with Weight stops included. The webbing is available with Stainless Steel or Aluminium Hardware with Crotchstrap.One size fits all.Backplate not...

    £ 125.00
  • £ 120.00 In Stock

    The OMS Sidemount Tech Adapter is designed to be used with the OMS Tesseract Wing. The Adapter wraps over the top of the wing, as the airways are positioned on the left and right of the wing. In addition, the Tesseract Wing’s retraction bands can be re-threaded to make it tidier and easy, whilst keeping the wing from folding up on the diver.The Adapter...

    £ 120.00
  • £ 117.90 In Stock

    Divers Alert Marker: 4.80m, open bottom and oral inflation.

    £ 117.90
  • £ 109.50 In Stock

    The OMS Ballast System is two separate pockets which can hold up to 6.8kg on each side. The pockets are attached horizontally and has a built-in quick release buckle for ease. Fits onto any 2" webbing.Suitable to fit the IQ Backpack, IQ LITE (traveller edition) and Comfort II Harness when on a Backplate.

    £ 109.50
  • £ 105.00 In Stock

    The OMS Sidemount Rec Adapter is designed for the open water sidemount diver. This Adapter allows the diver to mount onto the OMS Performance Mono, OMS Deep Ocean or the OMS Tesseract Wing.Book Screws are required (not included) to hold the adapter in place on an IQ or Backplate. The Adapter features 6 D-Rings made from sturdy stainless steel which are...

    £ 105.00
  • £ 99.00 In Stock

    The Public Safety Stainless Steel Backplate is dedicated to the Public Safety Harness which is bulleproof for extreme conditions and shaped to fit the Harness for extreme comfort and durability.Only fits the Public Safety Harness.

    £ 99.00
  • £ 95.00 In Stock

    The OMS Stainless Steel Backplate is designed to fit the Comfort Harness System 2. The Backplate is heavy duty and designed to work with single tanks or doubles, depending on preference. 

    £ 95.00
  • £ 95.00 In Stock

    The OMS Aluminum Backplate is made by a superior de-burring process which helps elimate sharp edges on the Backplate. The Backplate is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a mere 0.8kg, so it is the perfect accessory to travel with.We recommend fitting the Aluminium Backplate to the OMS Comfort Harness System II for the ultimate Harness combination. The...

    £ 95.00
  • £ 93.00 In Stock

    The OMS Personal Filter allows you to efficiently filter air between compressor and cylinder with 300 Bar attachments. This process reduces the chance of cylinder contamination promising a longer life expectancy for your cylinders.

    £ 93.00
  • £ 89.90 In Stock

    The OMS Single Tank Adapter is a neccessity for scuba divers who like to switch between single and double tanks depending on the dive planned. The Adapter comes with Cam Bands which are equipped with two non-slip pads and plastic buckles to prevent corrosion.It can mount onto any OMS Harness and is ideal for the IQ Backpack and Comfort Harness.

    £ 89.90
  • £ 85.90 In Stock

    The OMS Webbing Package includes all of the essentials for your Harness:1 x Harness Webbing with Grommet1 x Crotch Strap with two D-Rings and Tri-Glides2 x Stainless Steel Bent D-Rings1 x Stainless Steel Straight D-Ring5 x Stainless Steel Tri-Glides6 x Rubber Bands for Harness1 x Rubber O-Ring for Left Chest D-Ring2 x Stainless Steel Belt Buckles

    £ 85.90
  • £ 84.90 In Stock

    The OMS Integrated Weight Pocket allows quick release storage for up to 7kg of weight and other accessories such as lights/torches. Fitted with a unique strap which improves comfort above the surface.

    £ 84.90
  • £ 84.90 In Stock

    The OMS Back Pad can be easily added on any OMS Backplate to create an additional layer of comfort. The OMS Pad is a new design and also offers a unique accessory pocket accessed along the bottom of the pad that can be used for lift bag or marking tube storage.Includes Bolt Kit.

    £ 84.90
  • £ 80.90 In Stock

    SMS Rigging Kit from OMS includes 2x Tank Bands with Nylon Cover and 4x 25mm (1") Bolt Snaps

    £ 80.90
  • £ 73.90 In Stock

    The OMS SK Series features a Knife and Scissor Combo in one unit. The blades are made with tough stainless steel, and the gripped handle is made from thick and sturdy plastic. The unit is a knife in folded and locked position but easily opens into cutters with the flip of a lock.The Pouch comes with a velcro strap and a strong rubber band in the cover so...

    £ 73.90
  • £ 71.90 In Stock

    Diver's Alert Marker - Slim (1.8m, Closed, No-Lock, LP Connector with OPV, 12kg lift)

    £ 71.90
  • £ 71.90 In Stock

    Emergency Yellow Slim, 1.8m, Closed, No-Lock, LP Connector with OPV, 12kg lift

    £ 71.90
  • £ 71.00 In Stock

    OMS have introduced Safety Kits; each kit contains an SMB, Spool and Double-Ender Clip. The Safety Pocket attaches to any 2" webbing as well as your BCD. A handy zip permits easy access but prevents your gear from falling out.Stand out from the crowd with this electric pink bag and accessories to match - easily recognised by your diving buddies. There are...

    £ 71.00